5 Meals Per Day on a Healthy Diet – I Lost 22 Pounds of Weight in 8 Weeks

5 Meals Per Day on a Healthy Diet – I Lost 22 Pounds of Weight in 8 Weeks

The online Diet That I have chosen is based on a healthy diet of 5 meals per day using whole foods, much of what you would already have in your cupboard at home. There is no packaged low fat meals, no meal replacement drinks, no special pills or herbal supplements.

The online diet generator takes your list of foods and creates a personalised diet plan just for you. You can add curry powder, chilies, and other spices to your meat dishes. This maybe because of the theory that spicy foods will give your metabolism a boost as well as a way to make your meals more flavoursome without having gravies and other creamy sauces.

Also if you have spicy food dishes you may like a large glass of ice cold water which is good because your body then burns extra calories warming the water to body temperature. Another example of eating whole foods would be fruit. A glass of pure orange juice has all the vitamins, but it also contains more calories than four whole oranges and none of the fibre.

Your body has to work to break down the orange,the fibre helps with your digestion and you also increase the amount of energy spent by peeling the fruit. So instead of a glass of orange juice with breakfast you may be better off drinking water and eating your fruit whole.

Eating every 2 to 3 hours means that there is no time that you are starving and if you do happen to over eat at one of the meals you still have to eat the next one. I found because of this your servings naturally become smaller and you are not complaining of being so full you cannot get off the couch.

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There is a 3 hour cheat on the seventh day and you really look forward to and plan for it which I did ( a big roast dinner with all the trimmings and gravy) but because you have already had 4 meals on that day maybe you will find as I did you will not be able to eat all that you had planned to eat.

Here is a sample of one day out of the 14 day meal plan that the diet generator provided from the foods that I chose.

Meal 1:

Fresh fruit salad w/ yogurt-add any favorite fruits such as pineapple,mango,banana,berries or apple.

Meal 2:

Apples & cheese

Meal 3:

Fish & sweet potatoes

Meal 4:

Cottage cheese & tuna crispbread

Meal 5:

Lean steak( chilies,garlic & pepper) w/ broccoli

No portion controls are given apart from not overeating as you still have to eat the 5 meal plans. As every body is different not one diet plan suits us all. I have tried many diets over the years but this change of my eating habits and lifestyle plan is working for me. With the very strict diets you become bored very quickly and revert to old habits because you have to eat the same bland foods everyday.

This program with the diet generator organises the food that you like into a meal plan that has you eating the right foods at the right time to maximise your weight loss.