A Few Words About Silica Micro Plant Powder and Its Benefits!

A Few Words About Silica Micro Plant Powder and Its Benefits!

Besides the oxygen, silica is the most common element in nature. Silica mineral is also, after the carbon, the most common element in the earth’s crust. It is used in alloys, in preparing silicone and ceramic industry. Because it is a semiconductor material, it has a use in electronics and microelectronics industry. Before humans learned how to use silica oxide, nature would have it introduced in plants, animals and human bodies. In order not to fall when the wind blows, the plants need strong stalks. This is very important and is due to collection of silica in large quantities within the plants’ stalks. Some marine algae and sponges have silica in the skeleton.

In the human body, this mineral is found in silica dioxide form (a natural compound of silica and oxygen) within tissues, thymus, vascular, renal glands, liver, spleen and pancreas. A high quantity of silica is in the composition of our hair.

Organic and mineral silica dioxide form occurs naturally in the human body. But in nature it can be found in raw vegetables, herbs and grains such as rice, barley and unrefined oats. But we need an extra contribution from silica supplements if we want to keep our body strong and healthy. A significant decrease of the silica dioxide in the muscles, skin and connective tissues was found, especially on the people dependent on diets based on processed foods, or those who live in big cities, or those preferring meat instead of vegetables.

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The role of silica dioxide in keeping our health can be understood by looking at the research applications made overtime. In the past, this element has been used to heal wounds and to stop both internal and external bleeding. It is also sometimes applied as a poultice to heal inflammatory lesions. It was considered useful as a diuretic and as a kidney stones remover. It works on all the inflammatory processes, so most of those who use it renounce at the use of cortisone. When it comes to rheumatism, its action is amazing and especially fast. All the inflammations are justified by the lack of organic silica and all the skin problems have in this mineral an appropriate solution. More, we can say that it is useful for children to ensure the health of the new teeth growing and to treat gingivitis.

It is useful in preventing osteoporosis, coronary problems and cases of femoral fracture. Also for any type of contusions, hematoma, burns, sunburns, colds and sinusitis, viral hepatitis and cirrhosis, asthma and allergies, healing wounds and fractures, demineralization areas decalcification, mastoze and fibrosis, varicose veins, wrinkles and skin elasticity, cataract. It is useful for protection against radioactive radiation, x rays and their outcomes, as well as cellular regeneration and so many others.

Normally, children wouldn’t need an ample supply of silica, which is already present in their bodies. Only small doses from food extracts would be just enough for them. But in exceptional cases, such as during teeth growth, bone fractures, serious illness, children younger than three years may take a certain quantity of silica once a day. There is no danger in these cases, mainly because the body removes the excess.

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