A Sample Diet Plan to Lose Weight – A Quick Taster of a Nice Healthy Diet Plan to Lose Weight

A Sample Diet Plan to Lose Weight – A Quick Taster of a Nice Healthy Diet Plan to Lose Weight

Losing weight is not the easiest of things to do. You may of already tried various options such as low carb diets, low fat diets or even gone to the extent of starvation. Please stop there, none of these diet plans work in the long term and can easily cause serious health problems. With this in mind I am going to look at a sample diet plan to lose weight the healthy way and which is easy to maintain forever.

So now you know that all the so called quick diet plans are actually very unhealthy and only work in the short-term, I bet your asking yourself “what is a good diet plan to lose weight then?”. Simply put the best way is to eat healthy and get regular exercise. There are many websites online that can help you out and many weight loss plans to work to.

Here is a quick sample diet plan to lose weight that is healthy:

1. Breakfast: Small amount of strawberries, some low fat cottage cheese and some sunflower seeds. Some whole grain toast – I love whole grain bread.2. Midmorning: An apple or other piece of fruit, maybe some walnuts and some tasty lean sliced chicken breast.3. Lunch: Dark green lettuce salad, some broccoli, cauliflower and tomatoes drizzled with some walnut oil. A whole grain bread role with organic beef patty.4. Mid afternoon: Tofu, some carrot sticks and pumpkin seeds.5. Dinner: Whole wheat spaghetti with organic marinara sauce and some ground turkey. Green vegetables drizzled with flax oil.6. Evening Snack: Some whole grain crackers and sliced cheese followed by a small apple or banana.

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And a couple of quick tips:

1. You need to be drinking at least six glasses of water every single day.2. You should try to only eat whole grain breads and cereals and if you eat pasta make sure its whole wheat.

This is just a small taster… but don’t think you have to eat this meal plan every day! No! You have thousands of various meal options. You can even buy full recipe books that show you meals from breakfast all the way through to supper.

I know your probably down already about your weight but there is a way out. Until I found out I could eat almost what I wanted and still lose weight, just like you I was stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle of losing and re-gaining my weight. Look at me now a few years down the line and I have reached my goals and I am extremely happy with the results.