Eating Healthy When You Are Pregnant

Eating Healthy When You Are Pregnant

Nothing is quite as joyous as the day you learn you are expecting a new baby. It is time to pick out cute baby furniture and accessories as well as potential baby names. There is one other area that is vitally important when you are pregnant and that is taking good care of your body by eating a healthy diet. Everything that you put in your system has a direct line to the small life in your womb and as such, your diet deserves the highest priority.


One of the first things you can do is to find out where you are on the healthy eating front. Keep record of your food intake for a few days to get a good feel for your current nutrition. You can also keep an eye on your cravings and the amount of food you are eating each day. It is important that you are eating enough but not too much while you are pregnant.

Healthy Diet

Talk with your health care professional about the best healthy diet to eat while you are pregnant. Generally speaking, if a diet is healthy for you when you are not pregnant it will be great for you when you are! There are a few things that are difficult to get through food and are essential for the healthy development of your child. For these you may need to take a supplement such as a prenatal vitamin.


It has become common practice for your doctor to prescribe prenatal vitamins. These supplements contain minerals and vitamins that are essential to the healthy growth of your baby. Vitamins and minerals you should consider are:

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Iron- Iron is responsible for the development of red blood cells, which are required for healthy brain and body functions. These blood cells carry oxygen to the body and prevent enzyme imbalances.

Folic Acid – This substance is required for building healthy cell tissue in the brain. People with certain disorders such as epilepsy will particularly need to pay attention to this supplement. In fact, it is recommended that you work closely with your doctor when it comes to planning pregnancy, as certain seizure medications are detrimental to the amount of folic acid in the body.

These are just two of the many supplements you should consider adding to a healthy diet when you are pregnant. Work closely with your health care provider to determine which supplements you need.


In the past pregnancy was seen as the perfect excuse for eating anything and everything you want. This results many times in massive weight gain that is not healthy for mom or baby. Today health professionals are better informed and will give you an expected weight gain schedule for each stage of development. Watching your weight while you are pregnant is important for both you and your child.


Eating healthy is something everyone needs to do, but if you are expecting it is doubly important. Give your child the best start in life possible by providing good nutrition now.