Facts You Need To Know About Golden Retriever Health

Facts You Need To Know About Golden Retriever Health

The first absolute fact to good Golden Retriever health is to choose a reputable breeder. Choosing a reputable breeder is important because many of the diseases that affect Goldens are a result of improper and careless breeding. A reputable breeder will examine each of their puppies thoroughly for health problems and they will fully disclose what they find.

While a health problem or a genetic disorder may not be life threatening, it is important information to have when making a decision on the Golden you are choosing to join your family. Hip dysphasia is an example of a genetic problem. However, with proper care dogs with dysphasia normally have long happy lives.

The most important fact of all to having a good Golden Retriever health program is understand the importance of good nutrition. Having a nutrition plan that provides constant and proper diet is a primary factor in the health of all dogs. When you are deciding on the type of diet for your Golden you may want to take a look at the pros and cons of the grain-based commercial foods. There is one school of thought that believes that a grain-based diet is simply unnatural. Why you might ask? The answer is – because all dogs are pre-disposed to eating meat.

The basic problem with almost all commercially manufactured dry grain dog foods is that they are normally loaded with carbohydrates. This can have a major negative impact on the long term health of your dog. An example of what can happen is the development of diabetes in your adult dog. There have recently been several recalls of commercial dog foods that have raised considerable concern by dog owners. The bad food ingredients most came from China. However, the final product was prepared and distributed by U.S. companies.

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Most all experts agree that a good, high protein diet will give your Golden a healthier and longer life. A lot of dog owners are moving to a raw food diet. A raw food diet can be home prepared or frozen single serving sized rolls composed of raw meats and bones are available at many good dog food stores. This diet will cost a little more but many caring dog owners feel the extra cost is justified. To find out more about a raw food diet go on the internet. There are good websites that explain the advantages and what makes up a good raw food diet.

A diet that includes Omega-3 fish oil and other dietary supplements such as MSM glucosamine tablets may help reduce your dog’s risks of arthritis and other joint diseases. Tests indicate that giving your dog Omega-3 fish oil may prevent eye diseases that are somewhat common in this breed. Again, the internet is a great resource to help you determine if you want this type of diet.

Another fact that you should know is that regular visits to your veterinarian are important to the continued health of your Golden. The vet needs to regularly check for early signs of cancer and other debilitating diseases that if caught early can extend the life of your dog. Cancer is the most common cause of death in the breed. Vets will check for an early detection of skin lesions or small lumps. Found early this disease can be successfully treated.

These are some of the major facts about Golden Retriever health that you need to know and understand. Once you have selected a puppy, nothing is more important than a lot of exercise, a healthy diet and regular visits with the vet. Follow these facts and you will have your Golden with you for many happy years.

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