Healthy Diet For Runners

Healthy Diet For Runners

A runner is burning up many calories on each day of running. Therefore a balance will need to be found to keep a consistent weight and energy level. In many ways the runner’s body is like a machine. It needs fuel and good care if a runner is to perform at a top level.

The body can protect itself from many illnesses. We don’t often think of our running body when they’re working well. We worry about our health when we’re not well. But the time to protect our health is when we do feel well.

Food is one of the basic human needs. A runner should eat enough food and also the right kind of foods for additional calories used up. A good practice when preparing foods is to eat selections in its most natural state. Take an apple for example. It’s most natural state would be a raw apple, rather than in a pie or jelly.

Runners need plenty of carbohydrates as found in vegetables, breads and cereals. They help to give us plenty of energy. Other foods called proteins are found in meat, beans and peas. Although a good practice is to eat red meat no more than once a week if any. Meat source should be bird and or fish. My personal performance is no more meat than one day, a week. Such foods are also needed to build muscle. Fats also provide us with energy.

Minerals such as calcium found in milk, cheeses and yogurt are needed to build strong bones. Other minerals such as iron give us rich healthy blood. Very important in the runner, the machine. The constant pumping of blood to the muscles. All very important for a balanced healthy diet for runners. Just to make sure you’re not losing out on any of your daily requirements of vitamins, it’s best to take supplements. A couple rest days a week are important, to let your body time to fully recover from the long runs.

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Bad diet comes from ignorance, poor food habits and poor distribution. Or lack of foods. Many people of the United States have a bad diet. Some people do not eat enough food or enough of the right foods. They suffer from malnutrition. However, as a runner it’s your responsibility to stay abreast of your intake of calories to keep you feeling full of energy and vigor.

Running as a rule makes your metabolism work so fast that you constantly have to feed the fat burner, your fuel burner. Most runners don’t have a problem losing weight. The problem is keeping it on. You may have read in my other articles, weight in every morning. This is to make sure you haven’t lost more than three pounds in one day. If you have drink up! You’ve lost too many body fluids.

To balance out a healthy diet for runners is with plenty of fresh air and enough sleep. Of course we’re runners we all get plenty of fresh air. Some runners may be choosing the wrong running routes. Maybe they have to choose between the factory route and the city park route. Take the park! The last of our healthy diet for runners is to get plenty of sleep. Top off each run with twenty minutes of stretching, yoga is best.