Healthy Eating – Add Raw, Organic Foods to Your Diet

Healthy Eating – Add Raw, Organic Foods to Your Diet

Raw food “purists” clearly advise: eat a food only if it grows in the ground. What about foods like fortified granola breakfast flakes — isn’t that healthy enough to start the day? Do flakes grow out of the ground — you get the point!

The raw-food diet encourages a natural, organic way of eating and living. It includes all fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly-made fruit and vegetable juices, legumes, grains, nut and rice milk, nuts, seeds, beans plus other organic foods that have not been processed,

For most of our history mankind survived on a raw diet, including plants, vegetables, nuts, berries and seeds. It is only in more recent history that man has embraced the processed-food way of living, and very recently the fast-food way of living. It is only in the last 100 years or so that we have had the capability of completely manufacturing food, with all kinds of additives and chemicals that are supposed to be safe for us and to act as preservatives.

Though these foods are advertised as beneficial, supposedly super-charged with additional, nutritionally-packed supplements, they are so far removed from what our bodies can biologically recognize as “real” food. However, the powerful manufacturing companies have large budgets to spend on advertising their products. Processed foods are easy to prepare and eat “on-the-go” which neatly fits into the time limitations of our extremely busy lifestyle.

Scientific studies on nutrition are finding that those who eat a traditional processed diet high in animal protein tend to suffer from more chronic, inflammatory conditions and diseases than those who consume raw, plant-based diets. Almost every health organization advises us to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into our daily diets. Even the age-old USDA traditional Food Guide Pyramid which has served as a general eating guideline for many years, advises 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 servings of fruit. How many children and adults truly achieve that daily goal?

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The switch to an all-natural, mostly organic raw diet would be a significant lifestyle change that most people would be unwilling to make. However, the benefits can be huge. This diet change may well bring you increased energy and vitality, as well as healthy and natural weight loss. It can enhance your body’s ability to prevent and/or fight off chronic diseases.

If you begin to cut down the amount of processed food, junk food, and high-fat food you consume, you will start moving along the path to improved health. Replace those items with tasty, nutritious fresh fruits and crisp, fresh uncooked vegetables. Your body will enjoy this natural biochemical fuel and be in far better shape for it!