How to Lose Weight Off Face & Neck

How to Lose Weight Off Face & Neck

So you’ve done the diet, your body is beginning to shed the pounds, but for some reason you just can’t seem to shake that chubby face. Are there any face exercises you can can do to get rid of this?.

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Sure, doing some face exercises may help to tighten the muscles around your face, but they will do little to actually reduce the fat. The reason for this is that the muscles around your face are not in the correct position to exercise the areas that contain the fat.

There are two things you should first remember when talking about face fat, and those are genetics and natural structures. Some people are genetically born with large protruding cheekbones, which naturally gives them that ‘chiseled look’. It’s the same with the body, some people will find it far easier than others to have a ‘six pack’ simply because of the way their body is structured. The same goes for women, some naturally have slender bone lines in their face and flat stomachs.

The good news is that for everybody, no matter how genetically blessed you are, the face takes it’s lead from the body. If the body loses weight, the face will follow proportionately. Here’s a few tips to help lose that chubby face:

1. Combine regular exercise with a healthy diet program. Make sure your exercise routine combines weights and cardio, done at least 3 times a week. You should start to see the results in no time.

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2. Do compound exercises in your weight routine. Compound exercises burn far more calories than isolation exercises and accelerate fat loss. A compound exercise moves the body through more than one joint movement at a time, where as an isolation exercise will only move one joint at a time. The ‘barbell squat’ is an excellent compound exercise to demonstrate this. It bends you at your ankles, knees, waist, hips, elbows, shoulders and to some degree, your neck. If you compare this to an isolation exercise, like the leg extension, which moves only one joint (the knee) then you can see the benefits of compound exercises.

3. Combined with a healthy diet program, you will begin to see results within days. I’d recommend a healthy diet program using foods that naturally release fat burning hormones, using the calorie shifting method to promote weight loss. This means you can still eat 3 times a day, which gives you the energy you need to perform your exercises.

Stick to these 3 simple points and your face will soon be as chiseled as your biceps!