Seven Foods to Lose Weight

Seven Foods to Lose Weight

Below are 7 Foods which can help you lose weight quickly:


Both the soluble and insoluble ones can ease your effort to lose weight.

* Insoluble fiber helps you get the sensation of fullness more quickly, without worry that you have consumed too many calories. You can enjoy these benefits, including wheat bran in your diet, bread, fruits and vegetables.

* Soluble fiber will help stabilize blood glucose levels (blood sugar), which lead to more effective control of culinary cravings and hungry feeling. They form when water dissolves a gelatinous substance, which helps the body transport and disposal of toxic substances. Diet includes strawberries, apples, pears, oatmeal, chickpeas and beans.

Juicy food

Fruits and vegetables that have a large amount in its composition give you the feeling of satiety and you will eat less throughout the day. Remember to eat: melon, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, grapefruit and cantaloupe melon.

Weak protein

Low protein (chicken or fish) consumed at lunch can help you maintain your energy level. It indicated the inclusion in the diet of a daily servings of these proteins. The best protein sources you find in: chicken breast, canned tuna, wild salmon (fresh or canned), egg white, crab, shrimp, turkey breast, cheese, tofu, lean red meat, dairy products, beans and lentils.

Foods that give you headaches

Usually, people tend to eat less food that requires a peeling, boning or any other operation which prevents his eating without effort. Take advantage of this and choose rather hazelnuts, soya beans.

Sugar-free chewing gum

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Contrary to popular opinion, sugar-free chewing gum do not stimulates the appetite. In fact it is even a welcome flavor that hold buds busy, preventing high-calorie food choices.

Hot drinks

Attention not very hot, because every food at too high a temperature is aggressively to stomach. Like you want to have lunch in town, but afraid that you’ll eat too much and you violate the menu plan? An effective strategy to lull your hunger is to drink a hot drink (with as few calories) that you will take more time until you manages to finish. It is recommended to choose those liquids that contain less than 100 calories, such as green tea and other herbs, hot chocolate, skim milk or cappuccino.

Spicy food

Numerous studies have shown that we eat a lot less when food is very spicy. Plus, you automatically eat more slowly and drink more water. So, will not hurt from time to time some hot pepper and spicy sauces.