Superfood for Optimal Health

Superfood for Optimal Health

Supefood is a word used by many people to highlight the nutritional value of some foods. There is no legal definition. The term is used frequently in marketing to sell products which are purported to have a beneficial effect on health. These claims may be authentic or they may be backed up by pseudo-scientific research, exaggerated, or misrepresented. Superfood, in a non- marketing context refers to a naturally occurring food which has superior nutritional value and few if any side effects. Eating a diet based on a variety of these highly nutritious foods can help you reach and maintain your optimal heath.

If you do a search for Superfoods on line, you will find a variety of “The 10 Best Foods” or “12 Foods to Add to Your Diet”, or something similar. There is no definitive list and some foods may be better than others to control different conditions. All of the foods listed should have high nutritional value and will benefit your diet for overall health. However, if you choose a new food item to add to your diet you may want to do further research to verify any claims or check for any possible side effects. For instance, soy products help reduce cholesterol, however, if you have a family history of breast cancer, extra soy is not recommended. As for anything else, moderation is the key for any food or supplements you may decide to take.

Nutrition vs. Supplements

Supplements are meant to supplement the diet, not replace wholesome foods. If you have a specific medical condition or body building goal you may decide to add supplements to your diet. The challenge in isolating a needed nutrient lies in the complex interactions between supplements and between supplements and prescription drugs. Some supplements can neutralize prescription drugs so you should always let your physician know if you are taking supplements. Look at this scenario of vitamin interactions. Vitamin E becomes oxidized and useless after it destroys free radicals. It can be restored by Vitamin C, but in turn, the Vitamin C also becomes inactive unless restored by some other nutrient. This illustrates why it is more important to eat a well rounded diet than to take single nutrient supplements.

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You don’t need specific foods. If you follow a healthy diet incorporating as many pure (unprocessed) foods as possible, it will help you to maintain your weight, stay healthy, and help you live longer. You may choose to eliminate some foods to follow a vegetarian, vegan, or other diet; as long as you ensure that you get all of the nutritional requirements to maintain optimal health. You can’t get too much of a nutrient from diet alone. So research the Superfoods, try new and interesting foods to add to your diet.