The Best Way to Lose Weight – How to Find the Truth Behind All The Lies

The Best Way to Lose Weight – How to Find the Truth Behind All The Lies

Obesity is currently a $160 billion industry in the US and Europe. More and more people are searching for the best ways to lose weight, but unscrupulous businesses are taking desperate measures to ensure that you buy from them. It would appear that some of the marketing ploys are nothing more than downright lies.

* Many companies will make unrealistic promises about the amount of weight loss you can achieve in a given amount of time.

* Others make it sound too easy, as if you need to make no effort yourself.

* Pills and supplements are promoted as magic beans.

* Many of the photos you see of before and after photos have been doctored to look more impressive.

The amount of information available on the best ways to lose weight is just far too much for the average person to take on board. Many of the so called gurus contradict each other and the choices they offer make it almost impossible for people wanting to lose weight to know where to start. Inevitably they end up doing nothing. Inertia sets in and they just put on more and more weight until they become obese.

So how do you find out the truth behind all the lies and discrepancies?

* It is important to do your own research. If a guru suggests something check it out. See what others have to say.

* If the diet is a fad diet the chances are it won’t be sustainable.

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* If the diet is a liquid diet – the chances are it won’t be sustainable long term and you will inevitably put the weight back on when you start eating normally.

* Think about the science behind the weight loss regime in question. Does it make scientific sense?

* The bottom line is to eat fewer calories than you expend. So if the diet is suggesting you can eat your favorite high calorie foods or that you don’t need to exercise to burn off the calories then the chances are it is hiding something.

* If the weight loss diet seems to be a well balanced healthy diet then the chances are it will be a good diet to follow.

* Find a guru that has a good reputation and follow their advice.

* Join a weight loss forum and get the truth straight from the mouths of those who have followed successful weight loss programs.

The most important thing about finding the best way to lose weight is not to get hung up about it. Always do something rather than nothing and go with your “gut” reaction. If the weight loss program seems too good to be true, it probably is. On the other hand if it sounds like a bit of a challenge but at the same time sounds like a healthy diet that would serve you well for the rest of your life then it is probably ok