What Do You Mean I Am a Toxic Person, And Why Are You Talking About a Body Cleanse?

What Do You Mean I Am a Toxic Person, And Why Are You Talking About a Body Cleanse?

Ever been called toxic? Well, if you are sick, feeling run down, have persistent ailments of health concerns then your body is probably full of toxins. The sad bit is, you put them there. Believe it or not a detox diet (a body cleanse) can rid you of these impurities and change you from sluggish to vibrant in a matter of days.

It is very obvious to most people today that our precious environment is suffering because of our lack of understanding and past pollution sins. Just like our fragile environment the human body can become polluted and toxic. This occurs by tipping your ‘balanced system’ out of balance, by simply eating too much ‘processed food’, or the wrong food. Unfortunately this is not obvious enough when it comes to your own body.

Stop running bad fuel in your car, clean our the filters and your vehicle will run a lot smoother. Why is your body any different?

The funny thing about toxins are they poison the environment slowly. They mask and cover the vital organs on a molecular level and slowly suffocate and stop the cells from functioning to their full capacity. Ever tried walking up a hill while only breathing through a straw? Eventually you will collapse because you are not getting enough oxygen and energy levels. The toxins filling your body everyday through the ‘food’ you eat do exactly that – dramatically reduce the cell’s ability to deliver oxygen, nutrients and electrical connectivity when needed most.

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In order to remove the toxins, (poisons, or plaque to the body), you need to ‘detoxify’ the body. Remove the plaque from the lining of your arteries will allow the blood to flow better. Remove the drugs (prescription or otherwise) from your system and your body will have a chance to function as it was meant to do. (Now I am not advocating for a minute that you should immediately stop your medications, but I am saying you should understand what the medications are doing to you and seek an alternate healing method where possible).

A proper detox diet will not simply ‘clean you out’ but rather it will remove the toxins from targeted areas of your body, and allow the body to function correctly.

Not all ‘detox diets’ are detox diets. It is your body, and you should investigate these methods thoroughly prior to embarking on any major change of diet or lifestyle. Finally, once you understand what is toxic to the body, and what is good for the body, you will look around and see a whole heap more ‘toxic people’ all around you, and you will have the opportunity to change your future.